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Thoughtful [affordable] content that tells your story.

At TFM we believe you should have your cake and eat it... This means quality branded content aaaannd prices that don’t leave you feeling hungry.


We’ve crafted three enticing packages to suit a variety of appetites. Product videos, event films, social content, we've got you covered >>>

The Beet

Tasty video content ideal for the quick and snappy hits.

Up to 90 seconds

1 x Interview or Voice-over

Basic Equipment Package


TFM Special

Our speciality here at TFM...the perfect way to tell your brand's story.

Up to two minutes

3 x Interviews or Voice-overs

Advanced Equipment Package

Basic Graphics


The Stack

Delectable branded content for the connoisseurs who just can't compromise. 

Up to three minutes

5 x Interviews and Voice-overs

Advanced Equipment Package

Motion Graphics

4K Video Delivery



Timelapse Package  -  £49

Social Video  -  £249

Photography Package  -  £199

Additional requirements?  Just ask!

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About Us

With15 years of experience in the industry, we know a thing or two about crafting stories. We’ve worked with some of the finest names in the biz to produce, shoot, edit and deliver quality visual content. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and provide you with beautiful, hassle-free content that helps your brand grow.


We’re based in Brighton and cook up treats all over the UK. Please feel free to get in touch - we’d love to chat about what delights we could create together!

Allergy Info

To ensure the best possible quality and value for everyone we like to stick to a few simple guidelines:

All content delivered within 72 hours of shooting (within 24 hours for the Social Video).

Content is captured within one day at one location.

No expenses charged within 10 miles of central Brighton.

Up to £50 expenses chargeable within 10 miles of central London.

Additional expenses may be charged outside of the above areas - we'll discuss these together.
One set of revisions to the final pieces is offered.

Additional requirements can be catered for, just ask (timeframes and costs may vary).

We’ll always serve you with a smile!